Monday, 10 January 2011

A pocket full of posies.

Following my recent spurge of spring cleaning, I’m tackling one clutter zone after another.  First was my cutlery drawers, then the black hole that is our coat/hat/scarf wall in the hall, next my ottoman in our bedroom and now I’m braving my wool stash.  No-one can actually see the stash as I quite shamefully pile it behind an armchair which sits in the corner of the lounge.  

As anyone with a bungalow will tell you, storage cupboards and storage space is of short supply and I’m constantly battling to find hideaway places to store things, so it’s no surprise that I squirrel away all my yarn in this unconventional place.  

Although I am a little ruthless when it comes to keeping things… I hate clutter… the one exception to my frequent clearouts is my wool stash, I simply can’t get rid of any of it.

Some of the wool I’ve had for years, some of it I dare say I’ll have for many more years yet despite how much or how useful any of it may be, I keep it all.  Truth be told I have much more stashed in my loft space which is made up of mainly mohair and ribbon wool from the 1980s, the various bags of bits in my stash are what I consider to be either fairly recent or wool I can’t bear to banish to the loft space.  Much like my time tidying the cutlery drawers I enjoyed going through the various bags and it was almost like Christmas again for me, finding yarn I forgot I bought. 

I completely forgot about the few balls of Rowan that I couldn’t leave in John Lewis which was on sale.  I think I had this earmarked for a tank top for the little man but now have different plans.

Lovely hubby surprised me with a camel cape I’d been eyeballing on retro-to-go which is crying out for a matching scarf of sorts.  I’ve been working on a design for a tartan inspired scarf/wrap, so think the little man can live without yet another tank top and the Rowan can be put to better use, update pictures to follow. 

Planned a good six months worth of knitting/crochet from the rest of the stash but annoyed at the amount of oddments I have left which once again I can’t stomach to throw away.  

Some are less than 5 metres but I can’t help but think they will come in handy at some point.  After sitting with a massive bucket of coffee later I come up with a way of using them.  Credit where it is due, the idea came to me from my little man who was pottering about whilst insisting on wearing one of the girls headbands, something that none of us are very happy about not least because he constantly snaps them. Headbands! 

Messing about with some of the bits, I cobbled together some flowers to cover a standard plastic headband which can then be adorned with lovelies.  

It’s a work in progress and I think I may try a couple more incarnations, the possibilities are endless!   Want to try some with bows, some with buttons and maybe a 'woodland' theme with cute little ladybirds or acorns.
To my amazement, both girls like them.  I expected my youngest girlie 

I’ll post some more pictures when perfected and if I can work out how to get them on this blog (I am new to this)


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