Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Does anyone actually Spring Clean in Spring?

Following a rather sickly and messy Christmas I particularly enjoyed my annual enthusiasm to start afresh in 2011 and have a Spring Clean before the New Year began.  It’s something I always do towards the end of December each year, some years I make more of an effort than others and as far as December 2010 went, a minimal effort was made, but made nonetheless.
It’s quite amazing and also a little pathetic how much satisfaction I felt after cleaning out and rearranging my cutlery drawers.  Finding once again the little gadgets and gizmos I’ve accumulated over the year, the clever little garnish widget from Lakeland rediscovered and now placed in full view in the top drawer because this year I really will use it!
I’m sure I’m not the only woman who has at least one drawer in her kitchen which seems to accumulate all manner of miscellaneous items through the year, and despite it clearly being a job I don’t do often (hence the two bottom drawers jamming by mid October) once I start to empty all the drawers and sift through the piles of bits I enjoy it.  Little reminders of the nearly finished year are brought to mind; the mass of pink and blue candles from birthday cakes, the St George flags from the World Cup BBQ and the variety of seasonal cookie cutters I haven’t been able to resist from Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween and of course yet more Christmas ones.  All bringing back happy memories and making me smile.

Once done I whizzed each drawer open with ease and looked over my highly organised bits and bats all good to go for 2011, sadly I don’t think my better half or Mother felt as much excitement as I proudly displayed my work to them but I certainly felt upbeat, fresh and that a good start had been made.
With this renewed energy I thought a New Year was as good a time as any to start something new, a blog perhaps?  Although a little embarrassed at being what seems the last person in the world to have a blog, I start.  So Happy 2011 to anyone who may stubble across my ramblings and I hope your year has started well.

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  1. Hi Laurel Bud! Enjoy blogging. I'm back after a little vacation away from the blogosphere, and pleased to be able to say that I'm now related to another blogger, by marriage at least. I'll be back!


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