Monday, 24 January 2011

Girl Bands

Here are some update pictures of the decorated girl's hair bands I recently threw together using oddments of yarn.  I'm quite pleased with them, they were so easy to make and quick too.  They were made with some very easy crocheted flowers which I then attached to a crocheted cover that I run over a plain cheap plastic headband. 
I've done some with a flurry of daisies, then some with just one flower.  Some have beads added to the 'stamens' and on one I added a simple row of chains with the tiniest piece of wool leftover to create a vine adding a few beads as I attached to the main band. 

I then made a larger corsage flower, after a couple of attempts I was happy with it.  This one seemed to be even more appealing to the girls.  Tillyflop said she would like it just on it's own without the covered band.


 You get the idea..!

Honeybee and Tillyflop were so pleased with the corsage it ended up being used as a corsage to be worn on a boyfriend cardigan and then being added to a floppy slouch bag with floral ribbon.  


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