Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Sunset at Port Isaac

It's in my blood, it's my favourite place, it's the best childhood memories and after just returning home am already thinking where we can stay and what we will do when we go again.

Trebarwith Strand

We stayed on the south coast this year in the Pentewan Valley not far from Mevagissey.  We normally stay north coast and for the past 30 years or so that has been in or around St Breward, a small village nestled on the edge of Bodmin Moor.  Perhaps old habits die hard or maybe it's just the warm nostalgia I feel when driving through the tight bending inclines framed with arching greenery that will make our next Cornwall holiday further north again.

Port Isaac

Although we squeeze in as many places as we can, some places afford more than one visit.  The photos say it all, Port Isaac... it's my favourite.  St Breward band play there every Thursday night and no holiday is complete without a casual meander down the hill, nipping into the lovely little shops on the way, watching the kids play on the harbour then sitting on a lobster pot listening to the band whilst the waves splash in the background accompanied by the seagulls, but best of all the walk back on the coastal path with a bag of chips which always taste better with the brisk sea breeze.

I love this house.  Even though I already have photos from every other visit I can't help but take another picture.  So here is the 2011 snap!

To the kid's relief, we did fit in some beach and surf days.  I'm not overly fond of Newquay town but it's beaches are amazing.  We visited Mawgan Porth and Watergate Bay, this is Watergate Bay...

All the little man wanted to do was dig holes and then sit in them!

I picked up so many lovely things to bring home from spice rubs and wine to pottery and wool (no surprise there).  Can't wait to share some of these finds with you and once I've found the camera cable will add them to the blog (these pictures are from my phone).

Our final night was perfect.  We celebrated Dad's birthday by having the famous 'Maxi Moorland Grill' from The Old Inn at St Breward. Can't believe I didn't take a photo of it, but here's a shot of the girls and Dad before the feast arrived... and yes, I did eat it all!

Genes farwel Kernow   
(or at least for this year)



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