Monday, 7 March 2011

Sundays are for...

Washing the car

and walking in the park

What a beautiful weekend.  Truth be told, it probably wasn't that beautiful... but it was bright and not raining.

The first sunny weekend for a long time, and despite the cold nip in the air the sunny presence was enough to make us feel like warmer days were on their way.  I guess that would be Spring!

Not exactly BBQ weather but this glimmer of daylight gave us the chance to get out and about and pretend it was nearly Summer.  Hubby did work in the garden, the Little Man washed his car (and his bikes, AND the patio, AND my windows, in fact anything he could reach), the girls bounced on their trampoline and we all felt the urge to have a walk in Wigan park, it's amazing what a little sunshine can do!


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