Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Slugs and Snails...

My girls have always been typical little girls.  They play like little girls, they talk like little girls, they twirl and dance, they are delicate and careful, clean and well organised, they are patient and sensible.  

Whilst expecting my third I secretly hoped for a little boy, not that I would be upset with another girl, I love girls, but I had a picture in my mind of what 'my little boy' would be like.

To our delight the Little Man arrived, and he is a little man. As much as the girls are girly he most certainly is a boy, which was quite a shock on the system and one that still surprises me and catches me off guard two years on.  He climbs!  Oh, does he climb.  Runs too!  In fact, he is fearless.  The more I speak with other Mum's with little boys I find this is not unusual and I am not on my own yet sometimes I am still astonished at his rough and tumble ways.

The Little Man who decided to 'help' with the plant pots when back was turned for 2 minutes!

He may scale up any vertical object with spidey senses or eat anything (and I mean anything) that's on the floor but I do my best to at least make him look like the picture I had in my head when he was on his way to us.  I just love to dress him like a little boy, or at least my take on what little boys should look like.

Mostly I adore crisp check shirts with a smart tank top, I love tank tops. 

It's no surprise that this kid has a fair collection of tank tops but I feel compelled to make another. 

I've been working on a design for a new top which is turning out really well.  It's nearly finished and I'm in the middle of typing it up and preparing the schematic.  

It's an easy pattern that uses cables and knit/purl patterns.  I've shaped the armholes so the top doesn't hang off the shoulder... I hate it when some tank tops do this!  I'm also playing with a version of this with more colourwork.

Update pictures and free download to follow soon.


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  1. Love that top photo.... def one to get out when the girlfriends come around (as they inevitably will.... enjoy him while you can, love, the time flies by!) He looks gorgeous and soooo cuddley!


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